Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Coconut to the rescue!

Can I just say, " I LOVE COCONUT!" Maybe you didn't quite get my drift. I ABSOLUTELY TURN TO COCONUT ON A DAILY BASIS THROUGHOUT MY DAY!!!

When I discovered that there was 10,000 pus cells in 2 TBSP of dairy milk, not to mention that it interferes with our bodies natural ability to produce much needed hormones to be healthy, I QUIT BUYING DAIRY MILK!  I never looked back. SO I have turned to Coconut Milk. Occasionally, we'll pick up Almond Milk as an alternative but Coconut Milk is our staple. I mix it with Coconut Water to drink my vitamins, I put it in smoothies, and even pina colada pops! (Pinterest calls those "crack on a stick" and they don't kid!) Coconut Water has more electrolytes than Gatorade and guess what? THEY ARE NATURAL!!! 

I absolutely LOVE Coconut Butter (in the little jar). A spoonful in the afternoon is a great snack and FULL OF FIBER!! 

Coconut Flakes are great in RAW snacks such as RAW nut balls. YEP ya just crush nuts, RAW honey, Coconut Oil and some sea salt. Roll into balls and toss into freezer. I keep them there for a snack on the go! I have learned NOT to use peanuts as they are grown with a natural layer of mold, YES MOLD! plus they go rancid very quickly. YUCK! and then a waste of the other awesome ingredients. 

The gallon bucket is my favorite: Coconut Oil! If you've ever heard anyone say it's bad for you, send them my way. I am a walking testimony of how coconut oil has transformed my journey. I use to cook with, bake with as many other oils go rancid when they reach high temps or they just plain SUCK for your insides. Vegetable oil, Canola oil, Safflower oil, Sunflower oil...the list is long but they pretty much CLOG YOUR ARTERIES and are known as TRANS FAT! As soon as Coconut oil hits your tongue, your body recognizes it as a good fat, knows exactly what to do with it and where to put it AND its' used right away as energy! Tell me that's NOT a WIN/WIN!  

Okay so back to my uses...Cook, bake, fry, YES FRY because it's a healthy oil, a spoonful in smoothies for energy, RAW snacks, smear on almond butter sandwiches, (bread is a whole other post) a base for my deodorant, lotion, YEP LOTION. After watching David Wolfe (on You Tube seminars) he has mentioned that using coconut oil as a lotion helps penetrate into the skin, promoting our bodies natural ability to balance our hormone levels. And are you ready for this one? After researching cosmetics on the market, I decided to try it as my moisturizer and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! In the past week since using it on my face, I have had two people comment on how the color in my skin looks so healthy. Ahhhhhhh music to my heart. So yes, this is definitely a LOVE!  I'll never be the same and I LOVE it! 


Marna said...

Brianna! I love your blog, we have been going through a similar transformation the last year with our food. I love coconut too and have been using the coconut oil and loud but you have inspired me to try so much more. Thank you!

BJ Riley said...

Thanks for your encouraging words Marna! I'm SO glad you are feeling inspired. I have definitely been fostering a passion to share all this info that seems to be in hiding. I'm blessed to be learning so much and having the time to share. Blessings ahead my friend, B

Bridget said...

Where do you buy your coconut oil? I've been using it for a while and have only been able to find good prices on it online. Most people don't use enough of it to have our local stores carry big containers of it. I did write Costco a couple of months ago to request that they sell it. They wrote back that until demand picks up (enough people request it) they won't be carrying it. If you have time, send them a letter of request. We need coconut oil without the pricey shipping!!!

BJ Riley said...

Bridget, Sorry, just now seeing your comment. I get my coconut oil from Wilderness Family Naturals or Tropical Traditions both online. Stay tuned for a coconut oil giveaway!