Thursday, October 9, 2008

Special times with Daddy

Daddy givin a lil "pep talk"Dres absolutely LOVES making pancakes with Daddy
One of my favorite shots
Dres chillin and showing off his belly~

Carving pumpkins w/ Daddy!

For the past 2 years now, Dres has loved carving pumpkins w/ Rob. I see a tradition here. It's definitely a highlight for both of them.

It's become my job to bake the seeds.
And pumpkin #2

Misc pics from my phone

Of course, if you couldn't guess...Dres is Spiderman for Halloween. We had to put this costume up otherwise, he'd be sleeping, playing, eating and destroying this costume before Halloween arrives. His fingers are "casting webs." (some of the pics are not the best quality but you'll get the just)
Rob & Dres catching some NFL football at Uncle Jason's Birthday party. Notice Dres finds the tractor at Uncle Jason's right away!
Fall is here. Time for the vest~Thx Auntie Aje!
Throwing the football w/ Daddy at Uncle Jason's!

Precious times right here
Our "quarterback" in the making

Dres is "window shopping for Santa." This camo one looks like Uncle Jason's!
The T-raptor one roars!
"~Oh but I want the motorcycle Mama~"
(All I need is more gray hair)

Trying on Kyler's hockey helmet

And Kyler's football helmet

Back at Uncle Jason's Birthday party, this is his baby of the 3, Addison, chillin w/ Uncle Rob.
Oh is she a ham or what? So fun & loving!
Rob reads to Ash & Dres

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I'm afraid Dres needs some driving instructions since he took part in running over Ella at Jason's birthday party. Here are Jason & Amy's 3 girls w/ D.
Enjoying the birthday party at our neighbor, Will's house.

Rob & I having some camera fun on our anniversary

I love this shot
Dres driving Lil Miss Emma back in Wa.

Here is Mom & I at Nettie & Goose's Luau in July
Here we are end of Aug. at D's first baseball game; The Boise Hawks. (more pics below on an earlier post)
My handsome man on our 6th Anniversary. We got a sitter and splurged on a nice dinner.

Our trip to the pumpkin patch-Fall 08

Going on a hayride!
Daddy's cocoon
Even though Dres's legs were too short to pedal on his own, he had a blast w/ Daddy pushing him.
He didn't want to get off
Hands in our pockets, trying to stay warm
me and my lil man
This was just plain funny
Dres loves his tractors!

"What was that?"

The sun was setting taking along w/ it, the warm air!
Dres loves the seat on "Daddy's Shoulders"
Check out the sign on the right...LOL
Ok these cow bucking buckets did just that! After one time around, Dres started crying and the tractor driver had to stop just for Dres, so Rob could pull him out. I thought D would have sat w/ me but at the last minute, decided he wanted his own was pretty funny.