Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Misc shots

All eating Chocolate cake! Happy New Year!

Cutie Pa-tootie!

Ella showing off her girlie muscles!

Uncle Jason~wrestling with them all!

First time 3~

ok so i downloaded these backwards...that's what i get for being in a hurry. He's waving "Bye-Mama"
"Daddy, I think I'm getting this..."

I want to go 4x4 ing in the dirt over there!

Just coming out of the house for the first time! Time to ride!

Some misc Christmas photos...

Let's take it outside!
Dres & Ash opening up presents at Gigi's, playing with tools~I tell ya, those have been a huge hit!

Step aside Spiderman, Ironman now is it!

Lil Addi (J&A's youngest) is the "O" in JOY~ This lil girl is the baby of all the kids but boy, has she learned to hold her own! Her personality just makes you smile.

Thank you Santa!

This was all Dres talked about wanting from Santa~WE were spoiled this year-again!
Dres playing with his hotwheel race way!

This lil boy was so excited for Christmas and Santa to visit that he was up at 4:45am, running into our room, saying "I got my jeep by the tree" and telling us it was "time to get up!" We tried to sleep a lil bit longer but he had us all up by 6am!

This was our quiet house on Christmas eve...

My 2 guys w/ haircuts and making the favorite breakfast pancakes together.

A day of tubing

These pics are out of sequence a bit but we had a blast!
At the cabin, after we went tubing, we played games and enjoyed getting away for the day!
Ash, Addi, Dres and Ella!

Getting all geared up!

" I'm good- thanks!"
"what you talkin' bout Willis?"
Dres & Aubriella w/Amy & Ash in background on left.

So the day after Christmas, my brother's in-laws invited us all up to their cabin a couple hours away and we had the time of our lives! We all took the kids tubing; well let me re-phrase that. Dad took pics for awhile, Rob took Dres down the hill one time with us all and Dres had had enough. So the 3 of them went back to the car to stay warm. Meanwhile, the rest of us had a blast!
Rob & Jason

oh what fun

Ash & Jason

Aubriella & Amy

Cabin Time!

Garden Valley, Idaho
Dres & I getting ready to go tubing!

My brother Jason pulling an icicle off the cabin~Cheers!

Wave your hand in the air!

Here's Dres having a ball...

A few pics with Daddy!

Where does the time go? Our lil boy is now 3 and getting so big!
Helping Daddy shovel snow!

4x4 ing like a lil boy should!

Daddy wears me out!

Me and my Dad!