Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye to 2007

Tonight is the last night of '07. I look back and think that just 10 months ago, we were head deep in searching for our first house; on the internet! Living in Tennessee surely brought us many blessings but as the seasons change, so do our lives. We miss our friends down South and miss dearly Rob's family in Ohio. Moving back to the NW, to be closer to my side of the family has brought me more joy than I knew possible. Watching Dres light up to play with his cousins is priceless. At 2 years old, he's already learning the roads to GG's and the cousins homes. He can't get enough of Uncle JJ and Auntie Amy. So to see his world a happier place here is a blessing only the Lord could have granted.

As for Rob and I, we love our new home. Our view is amazing with little built up in our area at this time. The country still gives us our privacy out of town and we love how quiet it is. The snow this month has brought a serenity to our community that only God could have painted more beautiful. 2007 definitely had its' tough times and for that, we are more ready than ever for a more successful 2008! God bless our family!

Holiday Fun

Auntie Amy with baby Addi!
Today YOU can call me "Spiderman!" aka "MAAN!"
Getting a cool truck from Santa on Christmas AM.
Time to pray for Christmas dinner~
Playing with Spiderman!

Papa & Grampy time!

Papa Johnny and Dresden on Christmas Eve! (don't ask why the white glove! it's a glove fetish at the moment...doesn't matter what it looks like)
Grampy came over to visit and Dres was EXCITED!

Kiddie Fun!

All 3 enjoy playing in GG's utility room. This time they were enjoying ice cream cones.
All in front of GG's tree Christmas morning.
All enjoying juice boxes on the kitchen line at Uncle JJ's and Auntie Amy's.
When we play, I'm the king of this castle. (also another way to wear a tiara)

Santa (AKA Grampy) visited GG's Christmas morning to hand out presents!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Clowning around the house

Dres has figured out how to tuck himself into OUR bed and his expres-sion is priceless!

Tonight-I'm Spider-maaan!

Our house tonight- we may just have a White Christmas afterall!

Holiday Fun!

Dres and Ash reminisce back to baby days as they play under baby Addi's toys.
Grampy drove up from Arizona for Christmas and reads about Strawberry Shortcake with Aubriella.

GG and Dres put ornaments BACK on the tree.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Playin out back!

Pulling my tonka from Grampy.
A hiker in the making...

Playing with my Daddy


Lunch at GG's

GG reading about Strawberry Shortcake to Addi and Aubriella.

Meanwhile Ash and Dres finish lunch.

Family Fun

Uncle Rob has a magic touch with babies
The 2 Bobsy Toddlers help feed baby Addi
Just call me Mr. Blue Eyes.

A quick family photo in front of our first real tree!

Ho Ho Ho?
Dres with Daddy
Dresden loves his Uncle JJ

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Turning 2 at Red Robin

Here's Daddy with Ash & Me being silly.
Giving Ash a hug!

Giving Ella "loves" too.
Being silly with Ella and Daddy.

Introducing my "GiGi!" aka Grandma Gail

This is my GiGi. She gives the best hugs and she always gives me "treats."
We read books and do puzzles together.

Here's GiGi at my Birthday party. She is one special GiGi!
Played so hard guys, I gotta take a nap! Sacked out from the party.
After napping, woke up to play with new toys...but still groggy.

Can you believe this was his party a year ago at Aunt Donna's in Ohio!

Dresden's 2nd Birthday

We found Dres and Ashleigh in the toy tub. Those two are "MISCHIEF" from the day they met! Playing with Elmo is a constant.

Enjoying cake like a big boy with Daddy.
Saying "See Ya! Thanks for comin"to cousins!

Saturday Dec 1st, we had Dresden's 2nd Birthday Party here at the house. He was so fun to watch running around the house as guests arrived. The expression on his face while covering his mouth wide open, was as if to say, "Mama, are they all here for me?" It was definitely a precious memory.