Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Days with Dres


Dres's new bed!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Family & Friend Fun

"Auntie Lindy" came from Seattle for a visit this week and she was so much fun! Dres was taking to her big time because she was so good with him! (Notice his curls are coming back? I love them so DON'T expect a haircut anytime soon...u know who u are!)
Another "Cheese" moment.
Today was a fun play-date with cousins coming over and our friends/neighbors, Naomi and lil Bella. Dres and Ash were playing as usual and accidently got cut out of the picture. I was too slow on this one.
Here's lil Miss Bella! and beautiful Mama Naomi!

Playhouse Disney LIVE

I won tickets to Playhouse Disney LIVE this past week and Dres was so excited! As you can see he couldn't sit still in his seat for the duration of the show. We had 4th row, center stage seats in the beginning climb of the arena. Dres loves "Pooh" & "Mic" at home so for him to see them up close brought all new meaning to him. The cheesy smile is the start of the show w/ all his excitement. Towards the end, you see him waving at all the characters. It was a fun afternoon for us both.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Here Dres is walking "dog" that my grampa made back in Everett, WA. Such candid moments are precious.
Here I went to lay him down for a nap and I fell asleep myself. Rob found us taking a "kirsch nappy."

Still dumping snow here

After having snow for weeks now, it was time to go outside again! Just when it all melts, God seems to order more!
Here we are attempting to make our first snowman...
Dres got picked up by some neighbor kids out playing at the same time. Dres originally got in the truck but I had to move him to the sled. It was pretty funny.
What's this called again Mama?
It's time for me to go in now snowbuddy but I'll keep an eye on ya ok?

Sleep Spider-Boy!

At dinner last night over at my brother's house, he and Auntie Amy gave Dresden this Spiderman doll that sings and dances. Dres has a new found friend! He waves his hands and dances around just like Spiderman. I was tucking him in with a book when out of NOWHERE, Dres says, "Mama- Man? Man?" So he quickly jumped out of bed to go and get Spiderman to put him "night-night" too. This is the picture that I got an hour later.
This was taken this morning; Dresden drinking his milk and sharing with Spiderman! Not to mention that I heard this doll going off and playing its' music at 5:45am this morning. Still not sure if it was Dres or not.
Then later on in the am, Dres discovers that Spiderman and Elmo are about the same size so they needed to be introduced! This was hilarious! Between Elmo falling over laughing and Spiderman singing and dancing, who needs entertainment?

Introducing Spider Boy

Somewhere along the way, Dresden was introduced to Spiderman and it's a daily thing for him now. Uncle JJ and Auntie Amy bought him this shirt and it's a fight just put a coat on. He has to see "Man!"

Here he is playing with a motorized car with Spiderman sitting inside. The feet on the sleeper showing...yep~ it's a Spiderman sleeper!