Wednesday, March 4, 2009

On top of the world

Skies the limit kid~
Perfect Ad Shot!

Dres being goofy~

I got Grampy's hat
wearing daddy's shades

Drinking tea at Gigi's

Love this face...

Precious or what?

My babies' blues!

My 2 favorite men!

Will you Emma, be my Valentine?

This is Emma's horse that he plays with
everytime we go there. Emma swap'd her
horse for Dres's blue monster truck;
until next time...
The 2 tots eating Valentine cookies together.

Sidewalk Chalk

I don't know Asian translation but
apparently my 3 yr-old son does....

Just going all out~ Having a ball!

I wonder what he thinks he's writing~

Giddy Up Horseee!

This is Dres's new look and his new horse...
One handed Yahoo!
Going for a gallup~
Pausing to check out the scenery~
Our neighbor, Emily stop'd in and Dres beg'd
her to be a horsee.

Dres being domestic!

Found a nice day to work in the yard...
Daddy, I'm trying to do the laundry!
Since I vacummed w/ him in the bjorn,
he's been obsessed ever since.

Cooking 2 meals at once~

Spaghetti and Taco Soup!

And some Jell-O for dessert!~

Misc Winter photos

Dres & Emma in Snohomish
Dres & Carson; same pj's totally unplanned!
(In Marysville.)
Dres completed his first puzzle here
ALL BY HIMSELF! I was so excited!

Thanks to our friend Dave here at the Star
Fire Dept. Dres now wants to be a Firefighter!

Gigi stayed w/ us for awhile recovering from
foot surgery & Dres loved his time reading and
playing games w/Gigi~

Jr Pilot in training on SW to Seattle!

Dres couldn't wait to get on the plane!
As Dres and I boarded our SW flight to Seattle to meet up w/ Rob, the flight attendant asked Dres how old he was. When I told her "3" she said "Mom, go ahead and have a seat. Young man, you can go this way. We'll take you back to Mom in a minute!" Dres thought he was the luckiest kid next to Peter Pan!
Not only did he did get to sit in the Pilot's seat,
but he got to push buttons, sound off sirens,
steer the "wheel" and play w/ the gear stick!
"R U ready co-captain?"

Ladies & Gentleman, thank you for flying SW. Please take your seats!

Dres flying at 3~! Apparently, I'm the only
one who remembers flying w/ him 16+ times as a baby...