Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Catching up on Fall/Winter pics

Makin snow angels
Not so much a fan of getting cold in the midst


Grampy reading Dres a book
It's snow time!

Dres was so excited for Santa this year and unfortunately, I think the Santa was overwhelmed with all the kids and hurried Dres through. :(

I think Dres was telling Santa what he wanted...

Ella, Dres & Ash waited for Santa while playing with artistic balloons

Dres & Ash with Santa together again

All my hair is gone!!!

Sat on Daddy's lap because the clippers scared him

Here we go! Off with hair~

Clowning around at Uncle Jason's & Auntie Amy's

Dres back at the stove with Mama!
Getting snugly to watch a Christmas movie
Merry Christmas Everybody!
Being goofy;
plain & simple!
Here comes the snow~ Winter 08/09

Love this smile, trying on this winter's hat!

Being goofy on a snowy day

Here- Dresden is talking to "Belda-the elf" who, this day was laying on the picture frame. D's showing him the ToysR'us ad, letting Belda know what he wants so he can relay it back to Santa! It's so cute watching Dres talk to Belda daily, especially since Belda "flys home every night to tell Santa about D's behavior from that day, relaying the list of naughty or nice." Each morning, Dres wakes up searching first for where Belda has landed this time. Dres named Belda all by himself and knows that if we touch Belda, he'll lose his magic! It's so cute!

No it's not Halloween. Dres just wanted to wear Spiderman-again!

Cooking with Mommy again!

Being silly in the early am~

Some crazy cloud shots out the back door

Battling the cold season with popsicles on a sore throat.
Making a fort in the living room

Helping Mama with Scentsy samples

All bundled with new shoes, ready to go outside!

We surprised him with new Spiderman shoes that flash red with each step. He loves them!

Time warp~

Here it is the day before CHRISTmas eve and I can't believe where the time has gone. After Halloween, we had my birthday, then Thanksgiving, Dresdens' Birthday and our visit to Santa so we have a lot to post! Forgive me for not updating our blog sooner. We finally decorated our house; somewhat, made some sweet treats, and my dad arrived from Arizona but ironically brought lots of snow.
Daddy came home and wore him out!
Some of the sweetest moments


My Birthday~

A young Emeril in the making! This kid loves to cook w/ Mama!