Sunday, January 20, 2008

Miracle in the making...

Please pray for a miracle for Tricia and baby Gwyneth (wt# 1 lb 6oz) to survive today and get stronger. Tricia is a 24 year old woman with Cystic Fibrosis, her and her husband discovered they were pregnant the day before she was to be put on the list for a double lung transplant. They chose to continue the pregnancy against doctors advice that it would be detrimental to her health. Tricia got to 24 weeks pregnant and her body could not handle it, she literally could not breath. Jan 9th, doctors (there were 75 people in the OR) performed an emergency C-section on Tricia. She and baby Gwyneth survived the surgery but are both in very critical condition particularly Tricia. The doctor told her father-in-law that her chances of survival are iffy at best. Please join me and many others around the world in prayer for this precious family. Here is a link to her husband's blog for updates and pictures of the tiny miracle. He updates throughout each day and he's an entertaining writer.

Reading this story really seems to put life into perspective just a lil clearer.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snow in Star

This is the view across the street from our house. Winter's serenity.

"This is I come!" D's first snowball!
"Are ya scared Daddy?"
Here's Rob teaching Lil Man how to make a snow angel!
Tell me, is this Precious or what?!!!! "Daddy put me here....."

"Whachu talkin' about Mama?"
Taking a walk in the snow with our neighbor, Tim.
Here we are all bundled in layers.
How far can I get from them?
Rob and I with Tim's dog, Rebar.

New Year FUN!

New Year's Day, Dres woke up with a quiet peep. A minute later, he was pushing open OUR bedroom door with the biggest grin on his face. This lil ham had climbed his way out of his crib and thought he was the biggest monkey in the jungle. So we decided it was time to take apart his crib and have him get used to a regular bed. Here is Dres "helping Daddy" with Daddy's tools. Thanks to GiGi at Christmas, here is Dres jumpin' on his new trampoline.
Here is his new train set that he also got for Christmas and now plays with daily. (such a ham)
Here he is again, on his trampoline that is very mobile. We love that factor!