Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some misc July pics

Believe it or not, he's saying "Cheese." You'll notice in his hands are "Cheerios" and "Peanut Butter." Jacey gave him these 2 cars when she was here and he has to sleep with these cars also.
Good Morning~
Boy that's some wild hair...
Found him this way as I was checking on him in the morning~
So sound and out!
Just last night, found him with his car! Can't go to sleep w/o them!

Fly Super Boy!
Jacey teaching lil bro to brush some teeth~
and to spit
Getting ready for the airport in the early AM~

I found the last few pics of Jacey's visit. Here Dresden and Jacey are catching up on some Hannah Montana!

The family came over for dinner and Uncle Jason was getting his workout lifting both Ashleigh and Dresden.
Rob is getting his workout too by doing push ups w/ Dres, Ash and Ella!
and getting ready to fly....