Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lil Miss Aubriella turns 4! (Dres's cousin)

My brother Jason, Baby Addi, Ella, my sister-in-law Amy~ Celebrating at Red Robin.
Animated Ella~!
Baby Addi, AKA- the twin of Amy's baby pics!
Dres taking a hit on the pinata~
Ella w/ all her candy, and Hannah Montana behind her!


My cousin, Janet, visited us from California for Memorial Wkd. Dres was calling her "My Janet" before she even landed here! She quickly became his new best friend~ Talk about precious!
Dres & Ash enjoying ice cream at Red Robin for Ella's birthday~
Gigi doing well and out with us all, celebrating.
Janet and I at Red Robin. It was wonderful to see her again.
Uncle "Jason" now; no longer Uncle "JJ," holding the Hannah Montana guitar pinata. (Dres is speaking very well these days. Just call the house and you'll hear him leaving the msg. ) When the pinata broke, Dres was content grabbing one piece. It was so cute~

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Times flies!

I can't believe it's been month and a half since I blogged last. This first picture is of Dres when he was about 22 Months old. (Still had the curls) Time has flown by here at the Riley house and Summer is about here. I think Spring skipped Idaho this year. The following are a few fun pics from my phone.