Monday, December 27, 2010

It's my birthday~Get the hot cocoa!

Dresden turned 5 on Dec 5!

My birthday gang at Wahooz! One of my best parties ever~
My birthday cupcakes with dinosaurs

Monster trucks! Yahoo~

It's my "Golden" birthday (turning 5 on Dec. 5th) and Belda has arrived!

Catching up with photos

Talking to Daddy on my birthday!
My cousins came to watch me play soccer

Ashleigh and I on the playground after the game

Mama coaching my U-5 team

Call me the future "Mr. Gates!"

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Santa!

This Santa was terrific! He was personable and happy. He shook with hands with kids waiting in line and asked them questions. He greeted every family on down the line while the camera was getting ready. When Dres asked him what (he) wanted for Christmas, he chuckled, saying a camera to capture memories with. Merry Christmas Santa~

Merry Christmas

Here it is Christmas Morning. Dresden is playing with his Star Wars clone and Rob is putting together a race track. We have Christmas music playing. We somehow have lost our USB cord so it makes it tough to upload any pictures. We have a little snow on the ground from last weekend.

Dres got up this morning at 7:15am and was so precious. He tipped toed into our room asked, "Mama, can I get up now?" He knew "Belda the elf" was gone from his perch yesterday and that meant Santa must have come but without his glasses on, he couldn't see under the tree. So when I said yes, he ran back to his room for his glasses. Then he came back out to plug in the tree....his face lit up and he jumped up and down so excited to tell us that Santa had been! Jesus has been so good to our family. I am cherrishing these memories as Dres is growing up so fast- too fast.

Monday, September 13, 2010

D's fall soccer season begins!

"I'm so ready, I dreamed of soccer last night!"
Check out his arm! I love it~he's so natural!
Rumor has it, he scored 9-10 goals first game.
(I was in class all day)

Jacey's Cheer Picture!

This sweet girl is now 12 and a cheerleader in 7th grade! Where has the time gone???

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pics to come...

I can't believe its' been since May on here! Where do I begin? Dresden finished up U-4 Spring soccer with 38 goals. We got Jacey Shay for a visit and swam a ton. Our time was short but saturated with the best times ever! We got her a cell phone this summer and it's been super fun texting back n forth with her. She is loving the 7th grade and being a cheerleader with tons of spirit! Dres has began U-5 Fall soccer and although I was in class for his first game, I heard he scored 9 or 10 goals!! Holy cow, I'm excited for Saturadays this fall! I am half way done with my master's degree in education and truly having the time of my life!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

misc shots

Misc shots

Back in January, I took Dres to get his eyes checked and sure enough he was farsighted. SO we got glasses! What a difference they have made in learning his letters & numbers.
Lounging around-

Getting ready for soccer!

I wanna be a fireman!

~~Still a cheeseball~
Just gettin bigger!

Where does the time go???????

~Dresden is playing U4 soccer this year. Myself, along with another mom are the coaches of 5 boys called "The Sharks!" It has been so much fun watching these boys play. I have been so proud of Dres for grasping the concept at such a young age. He's fast, fearless and a leader on the field. I'm hoping in time he'll get the concept of 'passing' the ball. For now, he gets so excited to score, score and score some more~

nice goal buddy!

Slick me some~ way to go!

That's our boy~

Sportin' the family #5

a great dribbler!