Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dres's first baseball game

Dres followed this hawk all night!

Daddy's HOME!!!

Just like in the movies: Dres & I were walking into the airport. I pointed to "Daddy" over by the baggage claim and Dres took off running, knowing very well who he saw in front of him in the distance.
I was driving to the airport that night, not even telling Dres where we were headed. I took the exit to the airport and he says, "We are going to get Daddy!!!" To say the least, my heart melted.
We are very excited Daddy is home again.

Late Summer Fun

At the fair, Dres was riding a pony he wasn't so sure about at first...
Once he got into it, he kept saying "I'm riding a cowboy hat!" He's still quite the ham!
He even got to milk a cow~ He thought that was cool
Dres driving Ash and Ella in back
Uncle Jason on the Carosel w/ Ash & Dres side by side.
Bella & Dres playing in the sand at the beach
Ash is steering Dres around...

Showing off his new backpack to carry his toys
"Babying his baby at GiGi's" It's hilarious
The cousins eating their cones at GiGi's.
Even baby Addi too!
At the pool~

Mom & I at Nettie & Goose's luau
My baby boy who is NOT so baby anymore~
Dres & Ash swinging

Dres playing with some toys from "KyKy"

At our local Farmer's Market, these fountains shoot up and Dres had a blast!

This is my concentrated look!

Dres and I out for a Saturday morning blade/stroll; our mornings are getting cooler!
Dres enjoying our friend, Barney's pool
a shot from my phone when sis was here.
J, Ella, Ash and Dres
J and Annissa; shop-a-holics!

Friday, August 22, 2008

August is almost over!!!

August Sunset here
Dres and I up and going in the morning
Check out this is bedhead!
Give me a minute...
Dres enjoys doing this and then running around the house~

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun Times

Cousin Ashleigh came over to play with Dres. You'd think they are the bobsy twins.
Both fight and play like bro & sis
Dres's first tattoo came off w/the water wings so we got another one!
It's a shark like Daddy's territory!
This morning before off to school. Hi Daddy!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My First Tattoo!

Dresden saw the gumball machines at the grocery store but because he swallows gum, I let him pick a different machine and a tattoo is what he picked. Now he says, "Look! I have a tatoo like my Daddy!"