Monday, September 13, 2010

D's fall soccer season begins!

"I'm so ready, I dreamed of soccer last night!"
Check out his arm! I love it~he's so natural!
Rumor has it, he scored 9-10 goals first game.
(I was in class all day)

Jacey's Cheer Picture!

This sweet girl is now 12 and a cheerleader in 7th grade! Where has the time gone???

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pics to come...

I can't believe its' been since May on here! Where do I begin? Dresden finished up U-4 Spring soccer with 38 goals. We got Jacey Shay for a visit and swam a ton. Our time was short but saturated with the best times ever! We got her a cell phone this summer and it's been super fun texting back n forth with her. She is loving the 7th grade and being a cheerleader with tons of spirit! Dres has began U-5 Fall soccer and although I was in class for his first game, I heard he scored 9 or 10 goals!! Holy cow, I'm excited for Saturadays this fall! I am half way done with my master's degree in education and truly having the time of my life!