Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Days with Sis

Dres should probably be brushing his own hair from this shot...
We are wearing Sis out! Meanwhile, she is Dres's highway with his cars.
Jacey trying on Daddy's dive helmet~
Jacey and Dres reading books together...
This shot says how much fun Dres is having with Sis here...

Swimming at Uncle Jason's & Auntie Amy's new neighborhood pool

And more parade pics

More parade pics

Summer Days...

Watching Disney together, trying to wake up. And back asleep again...
We went to the Meridian Dairy Days Parade...
Dres just hangin out at the parade...
It's been a LONG time since my last parade but this one was fun!

Dres being Dres!

Dres insists on wearing his nemo goggles while riding his new bike! This is our HAM at home!!!This lil boy is growing up so fast into a lil man~
"Can I get in Mama?"
Still plays for hours with his train set. Thank you Santa!
This is called: PRECIOUS! Sacked out but after being tucked in, he got out of bed to grab his toys to tuck in next to him.

Summer Time with Sis here!

Eating smores out back on Jacey's first night here. From left; Jacey, neighbor girl-Anissa, Dres and I. You would think Jacey & Anissa met at birth-both 10 yrs-old and already best friends.
Here's Dres drawing a welcome sign on the driveway for sis's arrival!
Trying out Daddy's new fire pit; roasting smores. Me being crazy in the background, not knowing I was really in the shot...woops!
The kids enjoying a backyard picnic in the shade. Summer fun~
Dres's first smore experience. Hilarious and so much fun! Daddy in the background, trying to take a bite...Dres wasn't havin' it.