Saturday, April 28, 2012

No Lab Here!

Good Morning! Breakfast doesn't have to be hard. This AM on my plate:  

3 eggs scrambled (rich in omegas which fight inflammation.EVERY body has some inflammation)
cilantro (great detoxifier removing heavy metals and other toxic agents in the body) 
zucchini (lowers cholesterol, high in manganese, anti-inflammatory)
celery (full of folic acid & fiber) 
tomato (rich in fiber, Vit A, C, & K, lycopene, helps fight cancer!!! not to mention natural laxative)  

The protein, fiber and nutrients in this breakfast will take me way further than any bowl of cereal on the market! Plus, the colors here are full of "whole food" vitamins that my body will completely soak up. When you understand the benefits going into your mouth and what they will FOR your body, it's easier to consume. If I eat foods that were produced in a lab, it will take a lab to digest them. The longer the shelf life, the longer it takes to digest. This took me maybe 10 min to make. I got you Rachel Ray! Bon Appetit! 

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