Friday, April 27, 2012

What's your WHY?

A fun benefit to eating RAW and CLEAN ( meaning I eat next to no processed foods) has been inevitable weight loss. I had NO clue how harsh the ingredients were in our daily consumption. NONE!  On this quest of getting healthier & trying to balance my hormones naturally, I have discovered that consuming dairy and gluten both interfere with my body's ability to produce its' proper balance. I still remember the day when I learned dairy was a culprit; I immediately waived goodbye to flavored yogurt & cheese that were still part of my daily diet. Today, I only use plain FAGE greek yogurt and just this week found a lady who makes her own Kefir! I'm SO EXCITED to learn more from her. As for cheese, I'll admit it's a love I struggle to let go of but I have cut down considerably! The reasoning behind why dairy products can cause hormone imbalance is due to the hormones and antibiotics that are given to cows; then transfer over to the dairy products we consume. They are  again chemicals that our body doesn't recognize and causes us to internally shift or become "off."

As for gluten, I'm still working on this area but again have reduced considerably!  I'm even stepping out of my comfort zone and reaching for coconut flour or almond flour instead of whole wheat. Coconut flour surpasses whole wheat benefits by far in both protein and fiber! Highly recommended! Plus, you are consuming the pesticides that are sprayed on the wheat fields across America. Unfortunately, another culprit to hormone imbalance.

Since I cleaned out our pantry in early January, (and started feeding the birds in the back) I am down 14 pounds. To quote an old friend, "Once on your lips, forever on your hips." -James Charvet  Well, Jimmy, let me tell ya, I've heard "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels" but I say nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.

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