Thursday, May 3, 2012

Recipe Ideas

 Coconut Flour Chewy Chocolate Cherry Granola Bars Recipe photo

Check out for some great ideas! I love that I can now take old recipes when I used to use "WHITES" and substitute for the healthier options: 

sucanat, xylitol, real maple syrup, evaporated sugar cane juice for white sugar
coconut flour or almond flour for whole wheat or white flour
coconut oil for any other trans fat oil 
(I wonder if coconut butter could work for butter....hmmm butter and I have been the best of buds since I was six...that one may be hard to say "see ya" to...although these days, coconut oil is moving in closer) 

As far as recipes go, when it comes to making dinner, hands down most overwhelming meal for me to be creative with. So I'm learning to think outside of the box. Some days are easier than others. But for snacks and smoothies, I love throw caution to the wind and explore! Let me know if you find any keepers!    


damagedandbroken said...

Earth balance makes a yummy coconut butter/spread.
Have you tried Almond Breeze's coconut-almond milk? It's good with a dash of agave and dash of cinnamon :)
Have you tried Larabar's most of them are good too!
My acupuncture had me add as much coconut as I can to my diet a few years ago to help heal my gut.
Love coconut! :)

BJ Riley said...

I'll have to look for Earth Balance. I keep hearing that name come up. I love Almond Breeze but have yet to see coconut-almond milk. I'll have to look. Love Larabars! Have you tried Kombucha for your gut? It's truly amazing stuff! TRULY!