Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My morning detox

So I have to confess about something...Last night I went to the local frozen yogurt place for a play date and to meet a dear friend who just had her second baby. We walked in and the girl greeted us at the beginning of the yogurt line. Out of curiosity, I had asked her if she had a list of the ingredients that they used and SHE DID!  Little did I know I was about to be overwhelmed on a level with food that I have never experienced before. The one prior 'splurge' to this was eating Red Velvet Cake for Rob's birthday back in early February but even then, all of this info was still so new. There was SO MUCH RED DYE in that cake, I regretted my few bites the next day.  I know we are "allowed vacation meals" but this lifestyle change after 4 full months has left me not even wanting anything like cake or ice cream etc.  (We had a Groupon to use up so that's why we went there.)

While I'm standing there, I'm letting everyone else go first as if I was debating on whether I was really going to do this! The feeling of being this overwhelmed ABOUT SUGAR was an eye opener to me. It was as if I was looking back on how hard I have worked to learn everything I can and now for a few minutes, I'm going against these grains. It truly felt so un-natural. Speaking of un-natural, this morning my body was NOT happy. I WAS EXHAUSTED!  Instead of waking up with the sun- naturally, I drug and drug and drug, sleeping in an extra three hours. I was relating to why they say that sugar is like cocaine; controlling your body, spirit & mind.

When I finally put my feet on the ground, I made a smoothie for the lil guy and proceeded with extra's just for me. (If I would have given this to my lil guy, he would have said, "Uh no thanks.")

This smoothie consisted of: 
coconut water
almond milk
red bell pepper

In my mental state, I was appreciating the natural foods that can go in and detox genuinely when we've veered off the natural food path. This was proof that my body does perform differently when fed good versus not so good foods. Tonight, I am finding myself still more tired than I am used too. I am curious for tomorrow if I will be able to naturally rise with the sun once again. Stay tuned.....   


Mary DeJong said...

This is amazing...I'm so interested in this journey you are on! I'm learning from you, Bri, that is for sure. We *did* cut out red dye a few years ago because of severe behavior issues with Orion-now none of us eat food with dye in it (or at least that is the daily intention until something is sneaked on us like in canned Clam Chowder?!?!). We also eat whole foods, and slow-carb most of the time. Because we our pantries were so low the other week, I ate a quick bowl of cereal for breakfast (with cows milk) and had a tummy ache like no body's business for the next 24 hours! Anyways, I'm supportive of your journey and excited to learn from you along the way!

BJ Riley said...

Thanks Mary! Who knew Clam Chowder??? I'm SO beyond fed up with the FDA on what they approve vs what they don't. I think it's a conspiracy within the government so our health care system stays busy. SO frustrating. Did you get my message the other day? Call when you have time! Thanks for your supporting words-Much appreciated!