Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Spring Babies!!!

It's spring time and there seems to be babies everywhere! Last night, I stayed the night with a friend of mine who just had twin boys. Her husband was on shift at the fire station so I was honored and blessed to help out. After all, my own son is eight years-old now and my sleep has surely caught up.

One thing my friend and I tried to remember come this morning, was what time did we wake up to feed these little guys throughout the night. She was way better than I but with how fast my night flew by, it was hard to remember.  I do remember keeping a log years ago so that I could remember later on.

So tomorrow I head to the dentist where my dental hygienist is due next month with her first: IT'S A GIRL!  With little sleep and no motivation to run out, surprisingly my (very little) creative juices came through. (Thank you Pinterest for the flow.)

After deciding to make one myself, here is what I came up with.

I found an old wood frame that was no longer being used which I then painted and sanded - just a bit. Then I typed up my rendition of this brilliant idea. I reached into the school supplies tub for a brand new dry erase pen which I velcro'd onto the frame. Then I wrapped it.

I didn't have any baby wrapping paper but I have plenty of grocery bags, just for this reason. I used to stamp back in the day and so they were pulled out. I found some ribbon, just begging to be used also and BAM! There ya have it. Simple. From the heart. Practical. I hope she likes it. Happy Spring babies!

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