Wednesday, September 4, 2013

God's good graces

It seems with each long lapse of time that goes by and I don't blog, I wonder where the time goes. Even just in a conversation this morning with little man, he was commented how fast time flies, AND HE'S ONLY SEVEN!

Shortly after my husband was healed and our ride in life was really seeing blue skies, I heard the Holy Spirit say to me one day, "Hold on. He's not quite finished." It helped me to take a precautionary step back & just enjoy the present because I wasn't for sure when the blue skies would darken again.

Well last spring in April, my husband was working off the coast of West Africa when his company RAN OUT OF BOTTLED WATER. He returned home on his normal rotation in May & revealed this jaw dropping news to me.

Ok side bar, we as Americans truly are spoiled and have no idea how much. I was going off like a spoiled, entitled American about how these guys NEED water to work out there, in those conditions and what seems to be the problem. I had a really hard time wrapping my mind around how this could have happened. Then my husband reminded me, "It's Africa."

He was not feeling well all of May while he was home and we knew then that the water outage that was replaced with SODA- of all things, was part of his fatigue. Well, he returned to W. Africa at the end of May only to have his conditions worsen. By June 2nd, he had been helicopter'd off, to an African hospital, where they found kidney infection & he was trying to pass some stones.......again.

When my love & I met almost 12 years ago, he was ill then. We just hadn't quite pin-pointed with what. We knew kidney stones & infections were diagnosed but they soon became an annual family member (only he was the one giving birth.) Then, annual became bi-annual & then quarterly, then monthly.

No doctors could ever seem to reveal WHY my husband is the champ at producing & delivering these stones, until now, and she's not even a medical doctor. (More on Lula later)  If I was a betting gal, we could have collected three digits of stones by now. So far this summer, he had 16 removed & passed 3.

Which leads me to now, reflecting on our only year, 2012 -which also adds up to our families lucky number five, where we had NO...I repeat NO health concerns. Oh how heavenly it really was. We were able to dream and guide on God's grace. We were tremendously blessed by Him and His favor towards us. He was able to lift us out of a decade of funk!  Everyday was a new gift waiting to be unwrapped. (Maybe that's where my time went!)

We have definitely come a long, long way from where we once were, but as time continues to unravel new concepts & tools to better understanding health, I'm afraid we still have a long way to go.

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