Monday, January 23, 2012

Healthy is a choice

So it's been 2 1/2 weeks since our house became lighter, brighter and we began healing as a family. I had NO idea how I as the 'CEO' of this family had contributed to our sinking ship. God has brought me to a place of humility where I am eager to learn all that I can. I have NO desire to retract the past 10 years in anyway. After going through our pantry & refrigerator and educating myself on what the ingredients TRULY are, I had NO problem extracting many things.

As for Rob and Dres, I pray this transformation will become easier for them with time as the healthier sides of us all, begin to become more noticeable. Rob is already slowly gaining healthy weight even though I'm sure his old habits tell him "fast food all the way will do it!" With the aid of essential oils, that I am learning about and diving into, Rob is going from not sleeping naturally at all, to slowly being able to sleep again. (This is a man who has had to take 15-20 Tylenol PM's a night and MAYBE it'd work. This year, we switched over to Melatonin and even still, he's been having to take 70mg or so and still not guarenteed to put him out.) Go doTerra essential oils! We are beginning to find what oils will work for Rob and he continues on this amazing revalational ride.

Thank you Jesus for designing our bodies to not only heal themselves but also producing natural medicines in the earth that can help aid in healing our bodies even faster. I heard today that "Nature knows what to do with nature but nature does not know what to do with chemicals!"

As for Dres, I have to realize that his little mind works a lot like mine and he's got a little radical in him. With food now, he's always asking, "Is this healthy?" "Does this have red dye in it Mama?" "Is there sugar in this?" I say "Bless his little heart" for coming along on this radical ride. Your future lil guy is going to be wealthy in good health with all that you are learning right along side of me. I do find myself needing to be careful in how I present things to him as he could be borderline of not wanting to eat anything at all with the slightest possibility of it being bad. He is so precious. At times, I wish I could go back and feed him avocados and hummus as a baby to prevent his tastebuds from becoming fans of sweets and formed otherwise. The good news? Tastebuds can be altered and renewed. His favorite food is broccoli so I may be okay afterall.

If you are reading this and wondering more about the essential oils, feel free to email me at and I will try to answer whatever I can. You can also go to to learn more about them. I am seeing how amazing they are working for my family as well as others and I'd rather invest in something that works than pay a doctor who can't really do anything for me naturally.

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