Monday, June 4, 2012

Homemade Coconut Butter

A few months back a friend of mine introduced me to coconut butter. My jaw about hit the floor. A little side note: I LOVE BUTTER. We go waaaaay back to my years of single digits and "we'll never divorce." I was never a mayo kid; it was always butter. But coconut butter? Really? There's sucha thing?

 With a lot of buzz lately on how it's made, I decided to try it myself. Afterall, look at the cost difference here: $7 plus for 8 oz compared to $3 plus for 12 oz of Bob's Red Mill shredded unsweetened coconut. I heard the size of shred matters. The smaller, the better. Also, after I had made this, I had learned that researching how the coconut is dried can be important when it comes to nutrients, etc. I'm not sure at what temperature Bob dries his coconut since other brands can be more expensive...I see a possible future inquiry to him. 

 I slowly started out with a small amount of shredded coconut in my Vitamix until the entire package was in there. Yes, it's true. It took about 15 minutes of blending but I would turn it off and stir along with the use of my tamper while blending. Although I could have gone a little bit longer, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this was.
I am finding these days, that when I get overwhelmed about trying out new things, it's best to just dive in for the try in order to put another recipe in the books. What about you? Have you tried making coconut butter? I'm curious what kind you have tried and how did it turn out?


Bridget said...

That's it? You just blend it with nothing added? Have you tried doing it in a regular blender? We don't have a vitamix. :o(

We pretty much just go without butter around here. Have you tried doing it to coconut oil? I was wondering about that...thinking that blending it up might make it smoother for whipped butter.

BJ Riley said...

Hey Bridget, Yes, coconut butter is just blended shredded coconut. My friend used a food processor. Since I have a baby one, it's not very strong, therefore, I put the Vitamix to work. ;0)

I have not tried it with coconut oil. If you do, let me know...