Friday, August 28, 2009

Dres running at the Hawks game

Ok so here's the story behind these 2 videos...I had gone to get food w/ Jacey at the beginning of the game. When I came back, Rob said he was taking the kids to get sno-cones. Lil did I know that while I was gone, Rob was approached by a lady (in charge of the Entertainment during innings) at the game who had asked if Dresden could run w/ the Hawk at the bottom of the 1st inning. So after they had been gone awhile, I began to wonder what was taking them so long. Just then, I hear a man talking & see him walking out onto the field with Humphrey the Hawk and announcing that Dresden would be racing him around the bases. Then I looked down and saw all 3 of them on the field! I had NO NOTICE to get the camera ready so I immediately starting filming what I could, never having a chance to zoom in. The first clip on the left is my immediate reaction...the second clip on the right is after I tried zooming in but lost some of the action. Dres had almost made it to the 3rd base when he took a shortcut and headed straight for the he was practicing his pitching! NOT GOOD! But Dres was oh so cute and I was so delightfully surprised! Sitting in the stands alone and listening to the crowd around me was priceless! All I could think was "Ya that's my boy!" Thanks for the surprise love!

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