Saturday, July 18, 2009

Days of Summer

For some reason, my laptop won't let me download pics on here...I'm still playing around with it.

Right now our summer days are gifted by the presence of Jacey, now 11, visiting us from Ohio. Dres is on cloud nine and loving every minute with his big sis! We have been spending hours at Barney's pool, (thank you Barney!!!), got away to a cabin in the woods where we just spent quiet time as a family playing cards and listening to the quiet, (thank you Nana Goose!) and Jacey along with the neighbor girl, Anissa are enjoying their girl time together. After our next door neighbors moved away, blessing us with many of their belongings, Dres has found a new love for the gameboy! It's been fun listening to his vocabulary become more clear and extended. His latest thing to say is, "Mama, I have to tell you a se-crit!" I say "ok." He then whispers in my ear, "I love you." MELTS MY HEART!!! everytime~ along the with the occasional, "Mama, you are pretty!" Stinker gets me everytime!

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